Vueling Cursa de Bombers de Barcelona once again shines in its 24th edition thanks to its remarkable solidarity aspect. This time, more than 26,000 euros have been raised through the 13 solidarity challenges posed by the Solidaris Fires association in collaboration with the foundation. An event that brings together thousands of runners and sports enthusiasts, but that goes beyond competition, becoming a gesture of support for various charities.

CaixaBank has demonstrated his commitment by becoming a social partner in the Vueling Fire Race in Barcelona, providing a generous donation of 4,000 euros. This donation will go entirely to the solidarity podium, where the winners of the 5 solidarity challenges have taken significant prizes. The breakdown of these awards is as follows:

1st position: EUR 1.250

2nd position: EUR 1,000

3rd position: EUR 750

4th position: EUR 600

5th position: EUR 400

The winners of these solidarity challenges were determined based on the amount collected through the platform. These are the lucky winners:

The challenge that was highlighted for raising the largest amount of money was the “Pavelló de Victoria“, led by Arce García, earning more than 6,000 euros for the creation of a children’s hospital. This will certainly make a difference in medical care for the youngest people.



Muévete por los que no pueden” took second place, raising funds for the investigation of Rare Diseases and other conditions that require research for their healing.



Thirdly, the ‘Núvol de lletres‘ team, with its dedicated volunteers providing a warm environment for children and hospitalised families.



 The Torn C team qualified in fourth place, running to raise funds in the fight against child retinoblastoma in favor of the “Fundació la Nineta dels Ulls“.



Finally, firefighters from Torn E de l’Eixample were placed in fifth place, running in support of “Cors lluitadors de Duchenne” to combat Duchenne muscular dystrophy and earning 400 euros.



Barcelona’s Vueling Bomber Race closed its 24th edition, reaffirming itself as one of the most successful popular races in the city as an event combining sport and solidarity, marking the difference in the lives of those who need it most.