Who are Voluntaris 2000?

It is a non-profit organization that was born in July 1992 with the desire to continue the volunteer movement that arose on the occasion of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. Since its inception, it has become an association that participates in the public life of Barcelona and actively collaborates in the preparation and organization of sporting, cultural, civic and social events, from the Fiestas de la Merced to world and European championships in different sports, including the TV3 Marathon and the Three Kings Parade. The entity also provides management and volunteer mobilization capacity in specific civic demonstrations of various types organized mainly by other entities.


What do they do?

The fundamental aim of the Voluntaris 2000 association is to serve the community by promoting among its members and partners the acquisition and development of human values: solidarity, respect, justice, commitment, etc. We organize, assist and collaborate in the preparation and realization of sporting, cultural and civic events for non-profit purposes, with independence of those who organize them. In addition, we also focus on the promotion, study and dissemination of this type of aid and collaborations. We want to encourage civic habits in order to achieve a more civic city and thus improve the quality of life of the people of Barcelona.

In Catalonia there has always been an important network of volunteers, and at Volunteers 2000 we give you the possibility to take part actively and from the inside in all those events in which we are present. If you like sports and culture, at Voluntarios 2000 we are specialists. You decide where you want to collaborate. Join us and be part of it!