• Today, the figures achieved in this edition and the new journey that is expected to take place more quickly, with a less revolt, and with a way out and into the Picasso Walk

  • More than 13,500 people registered this year, with a women’s participation of 38%

Just four days away from the Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona 2023, which will be this Sunday 22 October at 9:00, this Wednesday the 24th edition has been officially presented, which has achieved a success in participation. This year, a very special edition of one of the most popular 10 km races is being held, which is approved by the Catalan Athletics Federation, which has a tour. With more than 13,500 riders, 15% more than in 2022, this test reaffirmed its position as one of the most crowded races in the city of Barcelona, with 38.6% female enrollment

The Vueling Cursa de Bombers de Barcelona is always one of the most special days of running Barcelona. In this edition, the 12,500 ridges that had initially been put up for sale were exhausted and, due to the strong demand and request of the corridors and corridors who do not want to miss the opportunity to run surrounded by firemen and firefighters, last Sunday, another 1,000 ridges were removed. 

David Escudé, Sports Councillor of Barcelona City Council, has highlighted: “Dropping the ridges of the Vueling Cursa Bombers de Barcelona 2023 is excellent news that Barcelona runners and runners are keen to test this new circuit and overcome their own personal brands. This Sunday, 22 October, we will fill the streets with the firefighters and firefighters of our city to live the race first, to encourage the participants in their sports challenges and also to support the solidarity initiatives of this event.”

As every year, the thousands of runners who will run the race will be accompanied by more than 300 firefighters and firefighters belonging to the Barcelona fire-fighter corps and the Government of Catalonia dressed in the service clothes, more than 20 kg to walk the 10Km of the race.

Sebastià Massagué, director of the Barcelona Fire Brigade, has highlighted: “More than 300 firefighters and firefighters will run this edition of the race, some with the treason of service and getting involved in the most solid part of the race thanks to Solidaris Firemen, an entity that drives many causes through many body agents.” Massagué has also highlighted the claim of the race “For us, the T-shirt’s reference to the values of the Barcelona Firemen and Fire Brigade is very important. We serve, protect and fight for all the citizens of the city, who will run through the streets having a party,” he added.

A new, faster route that will concentrate at 13,500 runners

This 24th edition presents a new, seemingly faster, run-down run. The tour will begin and end at Passeig de Picasso, 10 kilometers in a 360º race that, for the first time, will pass through the Poble Nou neighborhood.

“We wanted the new tour to be faster for runners and runners, who continued to enjoy the essence of the Vueling Cursa de Bombers de Barcelona as in the previous 23 editions. We therefore opted for a 360o circuit and the 200m elimination of Parallel Avenue, the only steep stretch of the race,” said Roger Roca, the sporting director of the race.

The fire-fighters and fire-fighters in Barcelona, as is traditional, will make the first exit, at 8:50 a.m., dressed in the service clothes.

This edition features a new T-shirt sponsored by Decathlon, consisting of a yellow T-shirt with subtle horizontal stripes, referring to the city’s usual fire brigade outfit. The claim chosen for this edition also pays homage to the firefighters, and is “Vetet, Protect and Run”, which is located in the center of the shirt and a design composed of a red firefighter helmet drawing and race logo on the top left. Participants will be able to pick up the shirt along with their jersey and a gymsack from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 at various collection points provided by Decathlon.

Anna Viladot, responsible for Vueling Airlines Communication, reaffirms the company’s support as the main sponsor of the race: “Vueling was born in Barcelona and we are the leading airline in the city connecting more than 17 million people every year with about 90 destinations. Our commitment to Barcelona and our social and economic contribution are also reflected in active participation in the great cultural, leisure and sporting events taking place here, and the Barcelona Fire-Fighters is undoubtedly one of these great milestones and an example of cooperation, solidarity and citizen participation. We are very proud to be, for the third year in a row, the main sponsor and to be part of the race with more than 400 participants from the Vueling teams, and thus to support the immense work done by the firefighters and firefighters in Barcelona”.

Renowned elite participants will fight for victory

This year, elite runners like Cristina Silva, among others, will compete for the champions and champions of the Barcelona Vueling Race. “Winning the race is my personal goal of this 24th edition”, which placed third in the previous two editions of the race. Prizes will also be awarded to the top three ranked men and women in the absolute categories, as well as to the best firefighter and firefighter.

The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona 2023 continues its work of solidarity, collaborating with ‘mi grano de arena’ so that the runners can make a difference of solidarity. Through this foundation, participants can create challenges with economic objectives in favour of non-profit entities in areas such as health, medical research, social inclusion, international cooperation, childhood, the environment and more. Up to now, more than EUR 20,000 have been raised through 11 challenges promoted by Solidary Firefighters via the migranodearena.org portal.

With only four days remaining, Barcelona prepares for a day of sport, fun and solidarity with the 24th edition of the Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona.