• Los avituallamientos de la Vueling Cursa de Bombers correrán de nuevo a cargo de Aigües de Barcelona
  • Se encontrarán en el kilómetro 5 y en la llegada

Aigües de Barcelona renews his commitment as an official provider of sustainable aircraft for the Vueling Fire Race, consolidating a collaboration that already adds his fourth consecutive edition.
On 22 October, the company will again be responsible for establishing and managing sustainable airlift points during this major sporting event.
This year, therefore, the Waters of Barcelona will once again establish two strategic airlift points, providing hydration and support for the corridors and fire-fighters involved during the 10KM period.

The first is on kilometer 5, concurrently in Plaça Universitat – Gran Vía, and the second on arrival. In doing so, it strengthens its role as the official and sustainable airlifting point of the Vueling Fire Race, maintaining its commitment that it has stood firm for four consecutive years.
In addition, the entire screening process will be carried out in a sustainable manner to reflect the shared commitment between the Barcelona Waters and the organisation of the Vueling Firefighter Race to minimise the environmental impact of the event. In this regard, ecological measures will be implemented, including the elimination of any plastic waste at each hydration point.
The picasso walk already waits for the thousands of runners The inscriptions are still open to enjoy the day of running most expected on October 22.
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