-The claim of this edition refers to the motto of the Barcelona firefighters: “Vetllem, protegim i salvem”

-The design with the horizontal lines represents those of the usual firefighters’ uniform


There are only a few months left to enjoy Barcelona’s fastest 10K, which for its 24th edition, has prepared a day of sport, music, solidarity and lots of emotions for the thousands of runners.

On 22 October the party will be back, and this time, with a new circuit. It will consist of a 360º course with one less curve than usual, which will make it an even faster 10K race, ideal for veterans to beat their record and for beginners to finish it without any problems.

The Vueling Cursa de Bombers 2023 has done its homework and the new T-shirt for this year’s edition is ready. It consists of a yellow T-shirt with very subtle horizontal stripes, referring to the usual firefighter’s outfit of the city’s fire brigade. The claim chosen for this edition also pays homage to the firefighters, and is “Vetllem, protegim i salvem”, which is located in the centre of the T-shirt. You may be familiar with it, as it is inspired by the motto of the Barcelona firefighters, which is identical except for the last word, which has been changed to “salvamos”, with the aim of honouring the protagonists of the race. The design also features a drawing of a red firefighters’ helmet and the race logo on the top left-hand side. 

Remember that to get it, all you have to do is join the challenge and run with the firefighters. This will be given to you along with the other products in the runner’s bag, which will be collected in advance at the indicated Decathlon shops. 

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