Download the online training plan that best suits your level to arrive in your best condition at the Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona on October 23, 2022.

Weekly training plan, by Roger Roca

The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona returns next October 23, 2022 , and our sports director, Roger Roca, Duathlon World Champion , Spanish Marathon Champion, athletics and triathlon coach and best RFEA revelation coach of 2004 , has prepared a training plan so you don’t slow down!

We have kept the initial 5 objectives according to the level. Choose yours and continue preparing your Vueling Cursa Bombers!

Weekly training plan, by Roger Roca

Prepare for the runnerINN Cursa Bombers with the training plan created by Roger Roca, Duathlon World Champion , Spanish Marathon Champion, athletics and triathlon coach and RFEA’s best revealed coach of 2004 .

5 training plans have been created according to the level. All of them have a duration of 10 weeks, an ideal time to prepare a race of these characteristics. You will find, on the one hand, a document with details and advice, on the other, a summary table with all the workouts.

It is important that everyone chooses their plan based on their level.

The start date for these training plans is Monday, February 17, 2020.

1 . If it is the first time you are preparing for a 10Km race, we recommend that you follow the following planning.
2 . If you’re already experienced and looking to drop below 60 minutes, follow this plan.
3 . If your goal is to cover 10 kilometers in less than 50 minutes, this is the one for you.
4 . For all those who have already accumulated many kilometers and who are looking to improve their mark under 45 minutes.
5 . If you’re looking to get under 40 minutes, here’s your plan.

Face-to-face training in Barcelona

We already have the schedule of face-to-face training in Barcelona for the 2022 Vueling Cursa Bombers!

Take the agenda and sign up! This year we have two training groups: the mixed and the Women’s Club.

*Places for all training sessions are limited. We will contact you via email or phone to confirm your place, schedule and meeting point.