The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona is synonymous with sport, perseverance, overcoming, comradeship, friendship and solidarity.

All of them are the values of the entities that work to improve social imbalances and to help those who need it most. And for this very reason, from Cursa Bombers we propose different ways to make the party of October 22 bigger.

The White Chip is supportive

As every year, the Cursa Bombers allocates part of the economic value of all white rental chips to social action. Sport is promoted at the same time as it aims to be a speaker to denounce situations of vulnerability.

Thus, for every 2 euros of renting the white chip, 0.80 cents will be allocated to different projects to help those groups, NGOs and campaigns that work on social injustice projects.

This 2022, the Bombers Solidaris organization will be in charge of collecting the white chips at the finish line.

How to collaborate?

When you cross the finish line, remove the white chip from your thigh and hand it in. Quick and easy!

Be supportive! 😉

And if you take it away by mistake, don’t throw it away, you can deliver it personally or by post. They will thank you!

The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona and migranodearena.org help you make your sporting challenge a challenge of solidarity.

We support your projects

We know that there are many people who collaborate altruistically in environmental, medical or social projects. For this reason, from Bombers Solidaris we want to help you raise money for all these purposes. Through the www.migranodearena.org Foundation, all Race participants can create a “challenge” with a financial goal in favor of the organization of your choice.

The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona and migranodearena.org turn your sporting challenge into a solidarity challenge.

The migranodearena.org Foundation. it helps you promote your own solidarity challenge or support a social project or non-profit organization with which you want to collaborate.

What we propose is very simple: add a solidarity challenge to your sporting challenge and support the organization of your choice, NGO, foundation or Association.

You can support the cause that interests you the most: health, medical research, social exclusion, international cooperation, children, environment,…etc. At migranodearena.org there are more than 2,600 non-profit organizations to dedicate the test to.

How to become a solidarity leader?
  1. Log in to migranodearena.org or register .
  2. Click the button create your challenge .
  3. Select the category “Sporting event” and the test “Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona 2022”
  4. Choose the NGO you want to support.
  5. Describe your charity challenge: Tell your story, add photos, video,… and set the fundraising goal.
  6. Share your charity challenge: Encourage your friends and family to help with your fundraising challenge.

To ask for more information or to resolve doubts, contact www.migranodearena.org at info@migranodearena.org

Solidarity podium

The Solidarity Podium will be for the 5 athletes who run and finish the race and who get the most money for their challenges. In addition, among the 5 winning challenges, Bombers Solidaris will distribute the donations that have been collected in the registrations of the race.

Important! On October 22 at 7:00 p.m. , the Podium will be closed.

At the end of the Race there will be a ceremony with the symbolic handover.

The more people who know about your charity challenge, the better! It’s all about raising the most money and the charity podium will help you in your goal.

If you have any doubts, you can check all the information here .